Our Story - 50 Years of Accountancy Tuition

Our Story - 50 Years of Accountancy Tuition

1970 - 1979

The KOLARIDES INSTITUTE of ACCOUNTANCY is founded. At the beginning students can be measured in the fingers of one hand. The means are limited: blackboard, chalks, etc. Our persistence and focus on our goals bring good results and great experience is gained on perfecting the teaching method and the notes supporting it.

Our satisfactory results provide the strength to keep working towards our vision. More than five hundred exam successes leave a legacy of a decade that will be the basis for creating an accountancy Institute thet will be developed into a phenomenon in Cyprus.


1980 - 1989

We have hopefully entered the second decade of existence! A decade that meets us moving into new premises within a larger building with more classrooms and teach to a larger number of students. This can be regarded as a normal consequence of the even better results from our students in their exams.


By serving our mission of understanding our students' and customers' needs we upgrade our technology. We introduce the use of the overhead projector and we save time and have beneficial effects by properly use the available technological efficiency. We are recruiting full-time human capital and our teaching personnel increases, thus creating the teamwork atmosphere we envisioned from the beginning in order to bring together the Institute's goals.


Alongside KOLARIDES PUBLICATIONS are created, which may hereafter become one of the most reliable and applicable in their field in Cyprus. Written guidelines from curriculum, appropriate selected exercises. It is the piece that completes the puzzle of the successful teaching method of KOLARIDES INSTITUTE and differentiates it from the competition.


Following our organisation, progress and carefull work; the first awards and distinctions arrive regarding exceptional performance from students of the Institute in the LCCI Financial Qualifications examinations.

1990 - 1999

The third decade of our existence can also be described as 'the golden decade' of the Institute. We observe an expansion in classrooms, upgrade of the rest of the rooms and the teachers' and other staff's rooms. The party gatherings and dance event of the Institute in a known hotel and cinema of the capital, were the social events that accompanied these successful years.


Successes that really shocked. More than five thousand exam passes. Students of the KOLARIDES INSTITUTE win the most World and Pancyprian Awards than any other educational institution of private education in Cyprus. Performances which are unprecedented and unsurpassed even to date.


The Institute becomes the largest of its kind in Cyprus with the best results throughout the competition. KOLARIDES PUBLICATIONS become the most recognised of its kind with a very high demand from governmental and private educational institutions.


2000 - 2009

Forty years KOLARIDES INSTITUTE. Several and sufficient number of distinctions is the archive for the decade that arrived in 2010. At the same time we observe major changes primarily to the location and strategy of the Institute.


When an organisation hopefully completes a fourth decade of existence, this can itself can be considered a success. But for KOLARIDES INSTITUTE and the level of responsibility itself set, this was just a decade were great challenges have been met with drastic actions.


During 2008 the Management of the Institute is reinforced and a recast takes places on its strategy and forces in order to create in the forthcoming years the Branches suitable for fully covering the potential needs of our students and setup the Qualifications & Training suitable to meet our market's interests.


Pancyprian Exams Preparation:Accounting and Pancyprian Exams Preparation:Economics (Political Economy) are added in the Insitute's portofolio of Financial Qualifications & Training. The vision is the same. Offer the best accountancy education possible to its students.


2003 found the Institute moving from its historic location in Nicosia city centre and start offering its financial qualifications & training at the brand new Strovolos Branch. In 2007 Pera Chorio-Nisou Branch is established. To be continued...

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Zenonas Klerides,
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Maritsa Polycarpou-Ioannou 'Although a citizen of Larnaca I chosen KOLARIDES INSTITUTE for exam success and verified that has the most expert tutors in their field.'

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Ibaa Meibar "Working at KOLARIDES INSTITUTE, I found a combination of professionalism and friendliness. I admire the way teachers treat their students with respect and love and how the management doesn’t spare any effort to fulfill the students needs."

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